Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Cider chicken in mushrooms

The traditional name of this dish is Poulet Vallee d'Auge, named after a valley in Normandy which is known for its cider, cream, apples, and calvados.

Poulet au cidre avec sauce champignons

Saute 5-6 pieces of chicken in 2 T butter, salt, and pepper until golden brown on all sides. Remove the chicken and place it in a saucepan, saving the butter mixture. Sprinkle the chicken with calvados (apple brandy) and flambe it. Add 2 chopped shallots and cook on low heat until transparent, but not golden. Pour 2 cups of apple cider over the chicken. Cover and cook for 15 minutes.
Saute 1 cup sliced, fresh mushrooms in the remaining butter for 4 minutes. Add the mushrroms and juice to the chicken and also 1 cup of sour cream. Cook for 5 minutes, then remove the chicken.
Continue cooking the sauce until it thickens to coat a spoon. Salt/pepper as needed. Return chicken to the sauce and heat for 2 minutes.
Peel, core, and thinly slice 2 Golden apples. Cook them gently with a little butter. Serve the chicken and sauce over wild rice and garnish with apples and fresh parsley.

This recipe is translated from
Le Cordon Bleu: Régions de France

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