Sunday, January 03, 2010

Jambon-beurre - the French answer to PBJ

The jambon-beurre (translated ham-butter) is the quintessential French sandwich. You know the American peanut butter and jelly? Think much more popular. According to 2009 statistics, for every hamburger consumed in France, eight jambon-beurres are eaten with contented smiles. (Okay, maybe I added that last bit.) Every day in France, 2.2 million of these forearm-length sandwiches are sold.

It's simple, elegant and delicious.

1/2 baguette (crusty French loaf)
sliced ham, good quality

Voilà. If you want to go fancy, add a sprinkling of fresh thyme, sea salt and thinly sliced cornichons. Personally, I say don't mess with a good thing.

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Chef E said...

Ahhh this brings back memories of my Youth With a Mission trip to Europe and morning breakfast of butter, ham on bread, accompanied by corn flakes and warm milk, well outside temp...

Great post!