Saturday, May 29, 2010

Food resource for Americans in France... or Europe

I recently found out that many visitors this site are (not surprisingly, I guess) American expats in Europe. Cool. Me too :)

The recipes on this blog are largely made with ingredients available in France and, when necessary, substitutions for American ingredients. If that sounds like your kitchen, you may also be interested in this blog.

I started writing Lyon Eats in 2007, specifically for Americans in Lyon. But some of the posts could be helpful to expats outside our little corner of France as well.

First: The List. An A to Z listing of ingredients used in American kitchens and where to find them - or their substitutes - here. Grits, country sausage, graham crackers... all on the list.

If you live in a French-speaking country or will be visiting one, these posts may be of interest:

Ordering Starbucks in French

Translating the spice rack

Translating the veggie drawer

Translating the fruit basket

And if by any chance you live in Senegal, West Africa... my newest blog is Dakar Eats. We're moving back to Senegal, so you can expect recipes with an African flair coming soon!

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