Saturday, September 05, 2009

10 soups I'll be making this fall

Eggplants at the market are gorgeous right now, plus we're still getting tomatoes from the Grandgarden.

I love this recipe as is, but am going to try to work up a vegetarian version this fall.

Have been craving white bean soups and this one looked like a winner. Fresh garlic is still available at the market right now, so the timing is perfect.

Quick and tasty.

I like vegetarian chilis because their flavor comes from good ingredients rather than meat.

I have a huge stash of Hungarian smoked paprika, so this will work perfectly with the big, orange winter squash appearing at the market.

Again, quick and tasty!

Never had white chili, but it always sounded good to me. Plus that whole white bean craving thing...

Possibly my favorite go-to soup.

We eat this about once a week in winter. I've missed it!

Which soups and stews will you be making?

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