Saturday, November 14, 2009

Green bean casserole in France

All these ingredients are available at local grocery stores in France:

- fried onions (look for oignons frits near apéro foods)
- canned mushrooms
- instant mushroom soup mix OR boxed mushroom soup
- French-cut green beans

Happy Thanksgiving prep!


Vicki said...

I tried it like this a few years ago, making the actual mushroom soup, and it was super runny. So what I tried next time (and have been doing ever since) is mixing the mushroom soup mix with 1 pot (the regular size, not the small size) of creme fraiche. So good!

Also, I occasionally see Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup at Monoprix, but it's usually around 3,50 euros.

J. et K. said...

Thanks, Vicki! Sounds delicious.